"Tired of just managing your symptoms and taking endless medications that aren't fixing the problem?"

"Want to dig deeper to discover and fix the root cause of your health problems?"

Hi, I'm Dr. Mike Cory,

If that's you...

And you truly want to become healthy and full of life, feel great, sleep better, get fit, feel stronger and more vibrant from the inside-out the way your body and your being are designed to be...

I can help you.

Functional Healthcare and Longevity Coaching Programs

Functional Lab Testing

To determine the exact
state of your current health

Expert Clinical Guidance

To fix the underlying root cause of your current
health problems

Longevity-Based Research

To optimize your nutrition, sleep, fitness, brain health, and stress levels

Powerful, Down-To-Earth Coaching

To equip you with the knowledge and know-how to take control of your health

"If you want expert, clinical guidance with down-to-earth coaching and support from someone who knows the way and wants to help you change your life for the better..."


Functional Healthcare and Longevity

A Global Focus on the Root Cause of Your Symptoms​

Personalized Coaching to Help You Reach Your Goals

  • ​Our work together is based on YOUR goals for your health and your life
  • ​We TEST - never guess - to determine the root cause of your health problem
  • ​No negative side-effects
  • ​My programs are affordable, sustainable, and save you money in the long run
  • ​Your mental and emotional health are key to your vitality
  • ​I'm only an email or phone call away to help you
  • ​EVERYTHING we do is about getting you healthy and PREVENTING disease
  • ​No meds. Your body has the best chemicals. I'll teach you how to create them

Traditional Healthcare

A Narrow Focus on Your Symptoms​

Then You're On Your Own

  • ​Great for emergencies and disease management. Poor at promoting health
  • ​Typically, doctors do not dig deep to uncover the cause of your health problem
  • ​Treatments and medications usually come with negative side-effects
  • ​Traditional healthcare costs and repeated visits can be very expensive
  • ​Your mental and emotional health are often dismissed as not important
  • ​After your doctor visit, you're on your own
  • ​Does very little - if anything - to promote health and PREVENT disease
  • ​Prescription medications are often very expensive

***  New for 2024!  ***

Hormone Health and Weight Loss Coaching

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